massage therapy

Style Signature Massage
The calm and relaxing massage. Lowers blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Increases blood flow, endorphins and feelings of well being.
$45 for 30 minutes / $80 for 60 minutes / $110 for 90 minutes 

Therapeutic Massage

Full body massage or focus work while applying deep pressure to release tension, toxins and trigger points

$55 for 30 min / $90 for 60 mins / $120 for 90 min / !60 for 120 min

Energy is transferred from the hands of the practitioner to the client, in a pattern of hand placement, and is known to help your body heal itself.
$90 for 75 minutes 
Maternal Massage
Mommy’s much needed time out. Relax with candles, pillows and a warm comfy bed (please be beyond the first trimester).

The theory of Reflexology is that areas of the foot directly correspond to organs and systems in the body.  The application of pressure and different hand techniques are used to help releaser channels of blocked energy and bring the body back to a state of optimum balance.